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I was raised to take pride in my community. My career in Education and my experience running a small business has taught me the value of knowledge, hard work and accountability. I will bring these values to Lansing and represent you. When I am elected I plan to:


Fight for our children's right to a quality education and protect our schools.

Make colleges and universities more affordable and more accessible. 

Improve our local economies to keep our talent and innovations in Michigan. Stop the brain drain. 

Stop favoring out of state corporations over local small business. 

Bring the new ideas and dedicated work ethic to the legislature that Lansing lacks. 

Be the voice for West Michigan values our familes and tax payers need. 

Restoring Democracy 

Lansing has time and time again proven its inability to represent the people of Michigan. They have abused their power and done so with impunity. They directly went against the will of the people by removing straight-ticket voting, which was upheld by Michigan citizens twice. They have abused the appropriations loophole, which allows them to "referendum-proof" their legislation, removing our ability to voice concern over their poor decisions. Unelected Emergency Managers have operated irresponsibly and our communities have suffered for it, all without consequence. It's time for new leadership, leadership that represents your values. 


Our schools have become the rainy-day fund for legislators. Poor policy decisions have been made at the expense of our children's futures. As public school funding is cut, as well as funding for professional training programs and colleges, we take away the future successes of our State's economy and communities. Having world class educational institutions while maintaining fiscal responsibility can be achieved, but the current leadership in West Michigan refuses to do it. They have allowed their own political agenda to take over and inhibit them from doing what is best for our state and its future generations. 


Our State's infrastructure is crumbling. The Road Funding package began with the legislature refusing to do their job and trying to place that responsibility on the backs of their constituents, and then turned into a deal that doesn't even begin construction until 2017. We need real solutions now.  When Michiganders pull together to fix our communities, we all benefit. Our roads and bridges are improved and Michigan jobs stay in Michigan. As we develop our economy to be competitive in the 21st century, we have great opportunity to improve our economy and our standards of living. New leadership means new perspectives, and we cannot afford to be left in the past. 

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