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The New Leader Our Community Needs

My name is Kim Nagy. I am a lifelong teacher, small business owner, single mother of two and an active member of our community. I am Running for Representative in the 88th district because I am tired of seeing families given the burden of the Legislature's inability to act. 


Our legislature has proved time and again that their priority is maintaining their power- not representing the people of Michigan.  Our values have not been reflected in actions taken by the Michigan Legislature and Governor Snyder.  The road funding bill passed in 2015 has not adequately addressed our State’s needs for road repair. Contradictory to the expressed will of the people of Michigan, the leadership in the current administration eliminated straight-ticket voting.  The administration and legislature refused to make voting more accessible by restricting absentee balloting. Appointed Emergency Financial Managers have failed in Detroit, Muskegon and Flint, resulting in the humanitarian crisis our state is facing.  It is time for change that represents the values of the voters. 


I can not call myself a good mother without standing to defend democracy in Michigan. I am running for State Representative to voice the values of the voters in the 88th district.  The people of this district value education, community, and responsible government.  We want an educational system that responds to the gifts and talents of each child and develops engaged citizens ready to be productive members of society.  We expect our state government to provide adequate roads and infrastructure improvement.  I want to represent your values in Lansing. 


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